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Codex Protective Carrying Case

for retina MacBook Pro 13

Dress your MacBook in high street fashion with Moshi's Codex, a lightweight carrying case exclusively tailored for your Retina MacBook 13. Codex protects your MacBook at all times and insulates it from the wear and tear of daily use. Combining style and functionality, Codex provides full access to all interface ports while cradling your computer in a designer protective shell. The exterior of Codex is treated with a water-resistant coating to shield it from the harsh effects of the environment. The interior of Codex is filled with a soft Viscotex memory foam to cushion your MacBook from shocks and bumps while on the go.





  • Checkpoint-friendly: your MacBook stays protected inside Codex when going through airport security.

  • Proprietary zipper design allows for complete use of MacBook while still in the case.

  • Viscotex memory foam cushions MacBook from shock and bumps.

  • Corner pads elevate MacBook for better ventilation.

  • Soft microfiber inner lining protects MacBook from scratching.

  • Full access to all ports and the MagSafe connector.


Designed for owners who prefer minimalist protection, Moshi's iGlaze Pro 13 R perfectly complements and protects your MacBook Pro 13 with Retina display. The precision-tooled polycarbonate hardshell case is thin, lightweight, and extremely durable. It also has a unique micro-clip design for easy installation and removal. iGlaze Pro 13 R is surface-treated with a specialized coating that not only offers better scratch resistance, but also accentuates the device's elegant design. The two-piece construction can be installed or removed in seconds and is 100% compatible with Moshi's full line of protection for MacBook Pro with Retina display.




  • Ultra-slim, lightweight, and durable protection for your Retina MacBook Pro 13.

  • Micro-clip design for easy installation and removal.

  • Specialized coating for enhanced scratch protection.

  • Raised rubber feet and an unobstructed vent for better heat dissipation.

  • Full access to all ports and the MagSafe connector.


iGlaze Hard Case 

 for MacBook Retina 13

Progressively designed and exquisitely tailored, Muse™ is the perfect fit for your MacBook 13" and your on-the-go lifestyle. With its zipper-less and velcro-free design, Muse allows you to stow away and take out your MacBook without worrying about scratching its pristine finish. Its SlipGrip™ design also acts as a safety harness to prevent the MacBook from accidentally slipping out of the sleeve even when turned upside down. The inner layer of Muse is made with Moshi's proprietary Terahedron™ microfiber that will remove smears and fingerprints with in-situClean™ technology while your MacBook sits comfortably inside. Its suede-like outer layer is padded to offer extra protection against minor scrapes and bumps. Muse also comes with an outer pouch for convenient storage of adapters and cables.





  • Terahedron™ microfiber inner lining protects and cleans your MacBook 13".

  • Zipper-less and Velcro-free to eliminate chances of scratching.

  • SlipGrip™ design prevents the MacBook from accidentally slipping out of the sleeve.

  • Convenient outer pouch for storage of adapters and cables.


Muse 13 MacBook Pro13

Microfiber Sleeve Case



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